What’s in the Book?

Table of contents for Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity

Section I: Tangible, Concrete Blessings

Chapter 1. Daily Riches

Valuing the functionality, usefulness, convenience, beauty and abundance of material possessions at home and work; choices and prosperity

Chapter 2. Wonder All Around

Noticing and valuing beauty in the environment; appreciating textures, colors, and sounds in nature; visual and sensory abundance.

Chapter 3. Angels in Disguise

Appreciation for people— family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, helpers, and unseen and behind-the-scenes helping hands— and for the comfort, guidance, help, support, love, learning and service received from them.

Section II: Abstract, Intangible Blessings

Chapter 4. The Pleasures of Service

Taking advantage of opportunities to experience the gifts of giving, helping, offering physical kindnesses, emotional connectedness, spiritual support; reaching out, connecting with the world; forgiveness

Chapter 5. Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity

Paying attention to special gifts, “coincidences,” great unexpected happenings, favors or surprises, intuitive messages, surprise calls or encounters, special connections, inspirations and out-of-the-blue information that shows up at just the right time; magical intervention

Chapter 6. Dreams and Visions

Noticing and remembering images or messages from dreams, daydreams, meditation, reflection, trances, déjà vu; valuing thoughts, inspirations, imagination, gut feelings; listening.

Chapter 7. Wish List

Focusing on abundance and possibilities; receiving and deserving; goals, burning desires and longings for specific materials, spiritual, emotional, social, personal, psychological or financial manifestations

Chapter 8. The Joy of Creation

Appreciating our power to create love, magic, joy, comfort, assurance, safety, beauty, miracles and synchronicity—for ourselves and others; making things better; self-appreciation; the life we create; creating change.

Section III: Very Personal Blessings

Chapter 9. The Gift of Perspective

Appreciating changes and improvements in life, lifestyle, habits, finances, thinking, reactions, focus and interactions; “pieces of self” remembered or retrieved; recognizing the invisible; faith, growth, personal change; interconnectedness and possibilities

Chapter 10. A Pat on the Back

Acknowledging personal achievements, accomplishments, courage, completion, growth, self-discipline, constructive choices, personal integrity, determination, follow through, willingness, surrender, faith; trusting self, self-acknowledgement

Chapter 11. The Miracle in the Mirror

Valuing physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual self; acknowledging creative attributes, skills, qualities, talents, healing, physical health and beauty, uniqueness; authentic self

Section IV: Life Experience Blessings

12. Silver Linings

Developing appreciation for the present-time gifts or benefits of past hurts, childhood events or traumas, losses, addictions, criticism or insults, as well as recent painful, frustrating or disappointing events; self-forgiveness; overcoming adversity; boundaries and strength

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