About the Authors

Jane Bluestein, Judy Lawrence, and SJ SanchezDr. Jane Bluestein, is an internationally recognized educator, writer, and speaker. An expert in the field of adult-child relationships, Jane’s work includes a strong emphasis on self-care, self-acknowledgment, and personal growth. She is a frequent guest expert on radio and television worldwide, and is an award-winning author whose books include The Perfection Deception; High School’s Not Forever; Creating Emotionally Safe Schools; Mentors, Masters and Mrs. MacGregor: Stories of Teachers Making a Difference; Parents, Teens and Boundaries; The Win-Win Classroom; and The Parent’s Book of Lists: Dos and Don’ts of Effective Parenting. Like her coauthors, Jane has spent much of her adult life on a personal and spiritual journey, and has regularly used journal-keeping as a tool for personal development since 1963.

Contact Dr. Bluestein for presentations, training, and resources. Visit her websites: janebluestein.com and perfectiondeception.com.

Judy Lawrence, M.S. Ed., is a Financial Counselor/Coach and a popular speaker on basic money management, with many years of experience helping people make the most of their money. As the author of the 450,000-copy bestseller The Budget Kit: Common Cent$ and The Money Tracker: Find the Cash to Get What You Really Want (Vol. 2), and a contributing author to 102 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Judy has helped thousands nationwide take control of their finances in a practical, balanced, and user-friendly way. She has been a featured guest on numerous television and radio shows, and has often been quoted and reviewed in national family and financial publications.

Judy’s personal journey includes a six-month, mid-career solo adventure through Africa and Europe to reflect upon and reassess her goals and priorities, which resulted in learning to appreciate each day and the unfolding of each moment. Ms. Lawrence can be reached for consultation, presentations, and resources at Common Cent$ Budgeting Corp. Visit Judy’s website at http://www.moneytracker.com.

SJ Sanchez, M.P.A., has worked in social services for over thirty years, in areas including health, mental health, and education. She has worked in the area of socially responsible investing. A native New Mexican and the eldest of seven children, SJ followed her undergraduate work in psychology with a master’s degree in public administration, which she completed as a single mother of three children.

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