The Gift of Service: Certificate

Download page for Service Certificates

Click here to download a page with two copies of a certificate you can duplicate to offer the gift of your service to someone in your life.

This page corresponds to Chapter 4, “The Pleasures of Service,” in Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity by Jane Bluestein, Judy Lawrence, and S.J. Sanchez. See below for a list of ideas to get you started. Please make as many copies as you would like and share them abundantly.

Tech tip: You can right-click to save a copy of the certificates to your hard drive.

Examples of service you might consider offering include:

  • Running an errand
  • Baking someone’s favorite goodies
  • Preparing and delivering a casserole or some soup
  • Providing a few hours of day care or baby-sitting
  • Organizing a closet, a box of recipes or a photo album
  • Helping to clean out a garage, attic or shed
  • Helping to pack or move
  • Helping to paint, wallpaper or put up shelves
  • Weeding someone’s garden or mowing someone’s lawn
  • Watching and caring for someone’s pets or plants
  • Treating someone to an afternoon at the movies (or renting a video)
  • Teaching someone how to use new software
  • Washing someone’s car or changing the oil
  • Returning library books
  • Partnering for a walk, bike ride, racquetball game, board game or card game
  • Sharing a day at the museum or aquarium
  • Hauling trash or recycling for someone
  • Braiding, coloring or cutting someone’s hair
  • Providing company on someone’s next shopping trip (or doing that person’s shopping yourself)
  • Bringing someone flowers from your garden
  • Doing a chore someone really hates to do
  • Walking someone’s dog
  • Inviting someone for dinner at your house
  • Taking someone’s kids for a few hours (to a movie or playground, for example)
  • Giving someone an hour of your time just to sit and listen
  • Making a difficult phone call or drafting a letter for someone
  • Helping with a challenging project
  • Taking someone out for ice cream or coffee (or both!)
  • Lending someone an article of clothing, an appliance or power tool
  • Offering to pray, meditate, light a candle or hold a good thought for someone
  • Hosting a party, shower or celebration for someone
  • Making a contribution in someone’s name to a charity of that person’s choice

Click here to share other ideas you have had or used so we can add them to the list.

Note: The book also includes “Angel Certificates” to recognize and acknowledge the Angels in Disguise who enrich your life.

3 Responses to The Gift of Service: Certificate

  1. Aili Pogust December 14, 2016 at 1:54 am #

    Dearest Janie,
    Love the idea of a Gift of Service Certificate, yet I can’t find where I’m supposed to click to download it. Is it my Luddite technical phobia or is it because the page is not working? Also loved reading your update with pictures. Globally, we are all starting a new nine-year cycle. You are on the right track clearing out the detritus. I am doing the same. Miss talking to you.

    • Jane Bluestein December 14, 2016 at 2:19 am #

      Hey, Aili! Look right under where it says “Download page for Service Certificates.” The first two words in the paragraph say “Click here…” The color is only slightly lighter (may need to change that) but if you hover over those words, you should see it “act like a link” which, when clicked on will take you to You get two certificates on one page. Let me know if that works for you. And thanks for checking out the year-end letter! Let’s definitely talk soon. xoxoxox


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