Interview questions: Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity

Suggested interview questions:
A message to the media: We want to make your job as easy as possible, so we have provided a list of possible questions for print, broadcast, and internet interviews to get you started.

  • How can taking a few minutes out to appreciate various aspects of our lives, our relationships, and ourselves impact our mental and physical health?
  • We always hear we “should” be grateful for this and that. Why is gratitude important? (And why is it important to not tell people how they should feel?)
  • Your book starts with some very basic challenges, like being grateful for our car and furniture? Why did you include such obvious “stuff” in your list?
  • What other dimensions of our lives do you encourage people to examine in a positive light?
  • Is it necessary to progress through the book from front to back, or can someone skip around?
  • Why did you include exercises as well as space for people to write or draw?
  • You mention appreciation for others. Don’t you think people already appreciate their partners, spouses, friends, parents, neighbors, and kids?
  • If someone does progress through the book from start to finish, the chapters become increasingly difficult. Why is that?
  • How can someone find a silver lining in the middle of a crisis?
  • How can readers use this book to create their own meaningful gratitude practice?

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